Common Admission Test – CAT 2019 University exam details are available here to check from our web page. Candidates can download the Common Admission Test 2019 from our website. CAT 2019 or Common Admission Test is conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIM’s).

CAT 2019

Through the examination, the institute selects the top rankers which have to undergo a second round of testing that differs with the institutes. Those finally selected are admitted to postgraduate programs in management like PGP, PGDM, PGP-ABM, PGP-PGPEM, PGPPM PGPEX, PGPBM, PGPHRM and Ph.D. level program which is Fellow Program in Management or FPM.


Management Programs offered by IIM’s

  • IIM Ahmedabad- PGP, PGP-ABM
  • IIM Bangalore-PGP-PGPEM, PGPPM
  • IIM Calcutta- PGP-PGDM
  • IIM Indore-PGP, PGP Mumbai, PGP-UAE, and EPGP
  • IIM Kashipur-PGP and EPGPM
  • IIM Kozhikode-PGP
  • IIM Lucknow- PGP, PGP-ABM and PGPSM.
  • IIM Raipur-PGP and PGPWE
  • IIM Ranchi-PGDM and PGDHRM
  • IIM Rohtak-PGP
  • RGIIM Shillong-PGP and PGPEX
  • IIM Trinchunapalli-PGP, PGPBM, and PGPHRM
  • IIM Udaipur- PGP

FPM- the Fellow Program in Management is equivalent to management doctoral degree or Ph D. FPM is offered at IIM’s of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Indore, Kashipur, Kozhikode, Lucknow, Raipur, Ranchi, Rohtak, Shillong, Trichunapalli, and Udaipur.

The PGP or the post graduate program in management is the standard management program of IIM’s which has 2-year duration. The FPM program’s duration is 4 years.

CAT 2019 Eligibility criteria

The candidate must have passed a graduation level examination with at least 50%   from a UGC recognized institution. SC, ST, people with disability (DA) must have scored at least 45%. Candidates appearing for their final year graduate examination may also apply for the CAT 2019 exam.

If they qualify the exam they will have to produce a letter by their institution stating that they completed all the formalities of the graduate level exam. The 13 Indian Institutes of Managements are located in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Indore, Kashipur, Kozhikode, Luck now, Raipur, Ranchi, Rohtak, Shillong, Trichunapalli, and Udaipur.

Qualification Required for Appearing in CAT 2019.

Those who possess graduate and professional degrees like B.Tech, B. Pharm etc must have passed the exam from an MHRD/ACUTE/UPSC recognized institutions. The qualifications should be recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), New Delhi.

15% of seats are reserved for SC candidates, 7.5% for ST candidates and 27% for OBC candidates.3% of seats are reserved for differently abled i.e. DA candidates.

CAT Application form 2019

  1. The candidates have to first register on the IIM CAT website.
  2. They should then fill the online form fully and correctly step by step.
  3. Uploading of photo and signature are required during the form filling process. Hence candidates are advised to keep them in hand before they start to fill the form.

CAT 2019 Application Fee 

The application fee for the CAT exam is Rs. 1600 for General (UR) and creamy layer OBC candidates. It is Rs 800 for SC, ST and DA candidates. The application fee can be paid online by suing debit/credit card or by e-challan.  The e-challan is to be downloaded from the website, carried to the respective banks and then the fee is to be paid through them.

It is also necessary to enter the e-challan transaction details in the online CT application form. These dates are tentative and based on last year CAT examination dates.  Aspirants of CAT 2019 should check the official notification on the official website of CAT which is You can start checking the websites from the month of June onwards.

CAT 2019 Tentative dates

As the CAT 2019 official notification is not out yet, we present to you the tentative diary of events.

  • Release of official notification- last week of July 2019
  • Start of online registration process for CAT- 1st week of August to last week of September 2019
  • Downloading of admit cards – from 2nd/3rd week of October to 3rd /4th week of November 2019.
  • Test date of CAT 2019- 3rd week of November or 4th week of November.
  • Release of results- 3rd week of December 2019

2nd stage of selection to IIM’s

Each IIM has its own independent 2nd stage of selection. It consists of written ability test (WAT), group discussion and personal interviews. Apart from CAT and the second stage of the test, IIM’s can also consider the candidate’s previous marks and qualifications, work experience etc. during the process of shortlisting.

CAT Test Pattern 2019

The CAT  2019 examination consists of 100 questions. 50 questions belong to the quantitative ability and data interpretation section and 50 questions are from verbal ability and logical reasoning section. The candidates can only answer in the English language. For each write answer the candidate gets 3 marks and for every wrong answer, 1 mark is deducted. The duration of the exam is 2 hours and 50minutes.

There are in all thirteen Indian Institutes of Managements in various locations of India. Each of this institute would be committed to preparing some of the best managers for the future which is why they wish to select the cream of the crowd who would be just perfect to meet the needs of the tough economic sector. If you wish to have a successful career and see yourself as a respectable manager in one of the leading firms, you would need to study and crack the CAT 2019.

CAT 2019 Merit list

After this, you would get admitted to the college of your choice. If you make it to their merit list, each college would be proud to welcome you with open arms. But, making the merit list is not just a piece of cake. You would need to challenge yourself and push the limit to every boundary that you might have.

But the CAT preparation is quite easy if you take the support of good reference books as well as study under the guidance of talented instructors. Both of these can be found on the market, so you do not have to move mountains to find them. You just need to talk to the people and go online in order to maintain a long range of best quality volumes in order to find the one that would be best for you.

CAT 2019 Question Papers

Find the book and the classes that would teach the best and the most recent courses along with the previous year’s question papers. Look for the reference materials and classes that update themselves continuously and come up with the best and the most recent concept.

As getting the up to date information would help you get the best scores in the next exam. The CAT exam paper is prepared in order for the top of the line educationalist in order to prepare for the test the student would need to prove their mental ability and decision making power.

CAT 2019 Syllabus

The CAT syllabus has been given below.

  1. Quantitative ability:
  2. Number system
  3. Percentages
  4. LCM and HCF
  5. Percentages
  6. Profit, Los, and Discount
  7. Speed, time and distance
  8. Interest (Simple and Compound)
  9. Averages
  10. Time and Work
  11. Linear equation
  12. Ratio and Proportion
  13. Logarithm
  14. Quadratic Equations
  15. Complex Numbers
  16. Binomial theorem
  17. Progressions (Sequences & Series)
  18. Inequalities
  19. Surds and Indices
  20. Permutation and Combination
  21. Probability
  22. Set theory
  23. Functions
  24. Mixtures and Alligations
  25. Trigonometry
  26. Geometry
  27. Co-ordinate Geometry
  28. Mensuration
  29. Data interpretation
  30. Tables
  31. Bar graphs
  32. Column Graphs
  33. Pie chart
  34. Line Charts
  35. Caselets
  36. Venn Diagrams
  37. Logical reasoning

 CAT Number and Letter Series 2019

  1. Number and Letter Series
  2. Clocks
  3. Calendars
  4. Venn diagrams
  5. Cubes
  6. Seating arrangement
  7. Binary Logic
  8. Logical matching
  9. Logical Sequence
  10. Syllogism
  11. Logical Connectives
  12. Blood Relations
  13. Verbal ability
  14. Vocabulary Based (Synonyms Antonyms)

English Syllabus

  1. Sentence connection
  2. English Usage or Grammar
  3. Cloze passage
  4. Fill in the blanks
  5. Jumbled Paragraph
  6. Analogies or Reverse Analogies
  7. Verbal reasoning
  8. Meaning-Usage Match
  9. Summary Questions
  10. Reading comprehension
  11. Facts / Inferences / Judgements

CAT Exam Books 2019

Look for the reference materials that would be used, make sure that they do not charge exorbitant amount and are worth the money you are spending. Not all costly CAT Books 2019 are good and cheap books not worth it, some cost effective books do provide qualitative information. A lot of online stores also get good deals as well as a large collection, so you do not need to waste your time looking for them, just order them online and get them delivered at your home.

For the students who are wishing to write the exam, here are a few tips and tricks that could help you crack the CAT Books 2019. Tip one: The aspirants should give more focus on the topics that they are already more comfortable with, instead of wasting time looking for and learning other topics. The student should focus on solving the maximum number of questions correctly at the least amount of time.

CAT 2019 Mock Test

The student should first scan the paper for a few minutes and then start with the questions that they are most comfortable with. Tip two: The applicants should go through the previous year’s exam questions and mock tests and figure out which areas they are strong in and which needs improvement. It would also help them understand the syllabus of the CAT 2019 in a much better way.

First brush up the areas you are the most comfortable in, then practice the part you are okayish in and try to make sure you can solve as many as you can, once you become proficient in it, look at the weak section. Tip three: Start the preparation for the CAT Mock Test 2019 as early as possible so you can get more focus on the weaker section.

Also, with more time, you can spend time reading extra materials which would help you with your vocabulary and develop extra reading habits. Also, if you start preparing for the exam early, you will get time to attempt many mock tests. Tip four: The students should take as many mock tests as they can right from the start of the CAT Preparation Books 2019.

They should maintain the account of their marks and keep a note of where they are making mistakes as well as how they are progressing. Make sure you do not repeat the same mistakes again. Tip five: Keep practicing calculations on a daily basis. You will never find long equations in your CAT Exam 2019, but you need to work smartly and know how to do mental maths. Find different ways to solve the same question and choose the one that would best suit your need.

CAT Study Material 2019

All applicants must understand that the colleges that they wish to apply to are only looking for testing their basic understanding of each of the concepts. Which is why finding and practicing tough questions would not give you a better score. Try to study in a way that you understand the concepts instead. Tip Seven: Read newspapers, magazines, and novels daily. This would help you increase the vocabulary. Ideally, the student should start reading the same a year in advance. Vocabulary will not increase overnight, you would have to work on it daily.

Time management is the most crucial part of successfully cracking CAT 2019. Before appearing for CAT 2019, the student should have a proper plan in place in terms of time management. The student should know an exact number of minutes they would need to spend on each question, and this would come only if they have appeared for a large number of mock tests.

CAT 2019 Marks details

CAT had the negative answer. If you give the wrong answer, your marks would get deducted, but if you leave the question unanswered, no marks will get deducted. So, do not make a guess unless you have a very positive hunh towards one of the answer.

Finally, on the day of the exam, be prepared but stress-free. Avoid any tension, you have done the best you could. On the night before ensuring that everything you need is in the bag that you will carry to the exam hall. Check for admit card, ballpoint and any other stationary item you might need.

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