Privacy Policy for Education God

Education God keeps track of every single visitor and use it to improve user experience and make this portal more user friendly. We collect information at different levels like when someone visits, When someone register with the website and when someone signup for the forum etc. This makes us to understand user’s behavior and experience on the website.

What information do we collect?

  • Internet Protocol- IP Address of user and Email address.
  • Browser He/she is using.
  • Which platform is being used i.e PC, Tablet or Mobile.
  • Which Search engine is used ti find us.
  • From where the user is referred to our website.
  • Which search term user used to find us.
  • How many pages user visited etc.

How secure do we keep that Information?

Keeping our Visitors Private, Safe and Secure is our first priority, We do not share any information (which are mentioned above) with any third party. All your credentials are safe and limited to us only. We do not use them to spam your mailbox and irritate users with unnecessary stuff.

Third Party Publishers

We may use Google Adsense, Double Click for Publishers network, Infolinks, Chitika and some other advertising companies to place relevant ads to the website. We make sure that it improve user experience instead of degrading it.

Note: avoid any kind of explicit content of Education God. Any kind of Adult or Explicit content will not be posted on the website.

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